First V3 Tesla Supercharger in Tel Aviv, Israel Starts Construction

Photo: Tesmanian (via israelevclub on Instagram)

Tesla’s first deliveries in Israel began arriving last month, and less than a month later the company has started installing its first Supercharger station in the country.

According to Tesmanian, Tesla has started building Israel’s first Supercharger station in Tel Aviv, with more to come in this year’s second quarter. Located at Derech Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Azrieli Mall, the Supercharger station includes eight charging stalls, all with Tesla’s fast-charging V3 charger.

In Israel, consumers can buy a Tesla Model 3 starting at NIS 179,000 ($53,598 USD), with the Model S starting at NIS 420,000 ($127,377 USD), and the Model X starting at NIS 446,000 ($135,262 USD).

The company’s electric vehicles (EVs) are brand new to the country, and even as the first individual deliveries begin arriving, the country has elected to prohibit sales of the EV to taxi drivers for the time being – despite potential EV benefits to taxi company returns on Israel’s Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Tesla also began production at its new Supercharger factory at Gigafactory Shanghai, though it’s not clear whether it plans to export the Superchargers to other countries, or if it will simply produce them for the Chinese market.

Tesla will reportedly be building a total of four Supercharger stations in Israel in 2021, with the next to be completed in Haifa in March, and subsequent stations popping up in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, and Be-er Sheva, both of which are set for completion in Q2 2021.