Tesla Holiday Update to Include Apple Music, New Games and More

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla owners are wondering what the automaker’s holiday update could include, and one account has pointed out some of the things users can expect.

@Teslascope shared a glimpse into Tesla’s upcoming holiday update on Tuesday, noting that it’s expected to include Apple Music, new games, and more.

The update will also bring an improved, customizable music player, MyQ garage support, remote light show scheduling, and a remote emissions mode with a mobile update. Teslascope says that the update also includes “much more we can’t share yet.”

Later in the thread, Teslascope also said that Tesla’s dedicated app store is in development and that Steam integration would be coming soon to “most” vehicles. The account also says it isn’t clear whether Steam integration will be supported by both MCU2 and MCU3 vehicles or just the latter.

Tesla updated its mobile app just last week, adding a one-tap live camera and suggestions that a cabin camera view could be coming to the platform.

Additionally, Tesla began rolling out its 2022.44 update just a couple of weeks ago, including the addition of the Thai language and a number of minor improvements.

Earlier in November, Tesla released its 2022.40.7 update, as it was spotted rolling out to vehicles and downloading when they connected to Wi-Fi.