Tesla Increases Supercharger Pricing in Europe Again

Photo: Tesla Charging

Tesla adjusted its Supercharger pricing in Germany and some other European countries again, this time raising prices by six to nine cents per kilowatt-hour at each station, reports @Tesla_Adri, sharing screenshots from @ModelXOlli.

Along with the news, Tesla Adri also shared screenshots of the Hilden Supercharger preview on the Tesla mobile app before and after the change, showing each time period’s pricing as higher in the after photo than in the before photo. The before photo is time-stamped 23:12, while the after photo was taken at 00:16.

Tesla Adri also pointed out that non-Tesla drivers need a Supercharger membership to pay the same amount as Tesla owners at the charging stations.

Another user in the thread pointed out a similar trend taking place in Switzerland, while yet a different user pointed out price increases across most European countries.

Tesla increased Supercharger pricing across Europe in September, citing rising energy costs on the continent as the reason for the increase.

The news also comes as Tesla is making European Superchargers available to non-Tesla owners, most recently adding Italy and Spain to the register of countries piloting the new program.

Reports from earlier this month showed that the Tesla app could soon display whether stalls are “available” or “occupied,” as spotted within the app’s internal code.