Here’s a Flyover of Gigafactory Texas on Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, Brad Sloan gives us a high-fidelity aerial tour of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, on the morning of Friday, November 25.

While most of the workers had the day off for Thanksgiving, some contractors can still be spotted on the site. A fair amount of ready-to-deliver Model Y units can also be seen parked outside the factory.

You can check out the full 4K drone flyover in the video below:

Earlier this month, one of the first Texas-made Model Ys with a white interior was peeped at the facility. As of last month, Giga Texas has churned out more than 20,000 Model Y units since becoming operational.

Gigafactory Texas will also be the site of Tesla’s Cybertruck production next year. The all-electric automaker has been building a production line for the long-awaited Cybertruck at the plant and is currently in the “tooling” stage.

Tesla is hoping to begin early production and deliveries of the Cybertruck in mid-2023, and a recent report indicated that mass production may start sooner than previously expected. IDRA, the Italy-based company that’s making the massive casting machine for the Cybertruck, said last month that the Giga Press was “packed and ready” to be shipped to Giga Texas.

In addition, Tesla has started hiring for multiple Cybertruck production-related positions at Giga Texas.