Tesla Hiring for Cybertruck Production at Giga Texas

Tesla is hiring for multiple positions related to the production of the Cybertruck, as can be seen on the automaker’s careers web page (via @Whole Mars Blog).

The company has at least eight positions listed that are directly related to Cybertruck production, including engineers, manufacturing and engineering management positions.

Each of the positions is located in Austin, Texas, as Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas will be where the Cybertruck is produced.

The positions listed include a dimensional engineer, a manufacturing operations leader, a senior process engineer, a senior equipment manager, a dimensional engineering manager, an equipment engineering manager, a senior equipment engineer in joining and a senior equipment engineer in robotics.

The news comes just a week after a report said that mass Cybertruck production could begin sooner than previously expected, with estimates holding that the automaker will begin mass-producing the electric truck by the end of 2023.

First deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck are slated for mid-2023, with early production of the vehicle’s drivetrain shooting for July.

The Cybertruck is currently in the tooling phase, meaning Tesla is outfitting its machines and equipment to assemble the vehicle. Additionally, Italian casting machine manufacturer IDRA recently showed the Giga Press that will build the Cybertruck in packaging, apparently ready to be shipped to Giga Texas.