Tesla to Unveil Model S Plaid in China on November 5

Photo: Tesla (via Yan Chang)

Tesla shared a poster in China showing off the Tesla Model S Plaid, ahead of plans to debut the electric sedan at the upcoming China International Import Expo in Shanghai beginning on November 5 (@Yan Chang).

The poster shows a shot of the Model S Plaid in front of a raceway-style sign displaying 2.1 seconds, signifying the vehicle’s quick acceleration from 0-100 km/hr.

As translated from Chinese, the poster reads, “One of the fastest accelerating mass production cars in the world, and one of the mass production cars with the lowest drag coefficient in the world, it has repeatedly refreshed the records of mass production electric cars on multiple tracks in the world.”

The news comes just a few weeks after a Tesla Model S Plaid was spotted unloading from a truck in China lacking the ultrasonic sensors typical on the automaker’s vehicles until the last month or so.

The Model S and X were also listed on a purchase tax exemption catalog by the Chinese government a few weeks ago, suggesting that deliveries of the luxury vehicles are preparing to begin.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is expected to be joined by the Optimus Robot at the China International Import Expo and the Model X Plaid.