Tesla Model Y: China’s Best-Selling Electric SUV in September

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The China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has released individual model sales figures for September, and Tesla’s SUV has jumped in the year-to-date sales leaderboards.

The Tesla Model Y topped China’s new energy vehicle (NEV) SUV sales in September, even outselling the January through September leader the BYD Song, as detailed by the CPCA (via @Moneyball_R).

The more affordable BYD Song family includes plug-in hybrid and all electric models, with pricing around $26,000 USD, whereas the all-electric Model Y starts at $44,167 USD in China (316,900 RMB).

The Model Y sold 46,694 units in September, marking a 41.4 percent increase year over year. The second-place seller, the BYD Song, sold 45,934 units, representing a 210.8 percent increase.

The rest of the top five for September was comprised of the BYD Yuan+, the BYD Tang and the GAC Aion Y.

The news comes just as the Model Y lands best-seller spots in Germany, the UK, Australia and more throughout this year.

It also comes after Tesla reported 77,163 worldwide deliveries in September with about two-thirds of them being the Model Y.

On the sedan side of the NEVs category, the Tesla Model 3 (30,919) ranked fourth behind the ultra-affordable SGMW HongGuang Mini EV (37,416), the BYD Qin (37,415) and the BYD Han (31,336), landing just ahead of the BYD Dolphin (24,855).

Currently, the Model Y and Model 3 are Tesla’s only available models in China, though several hints have been dropped in recent weeks of the automaker launching the Model S and X deliveries in the country next month.