Stunning: Starship Booster 7 Static Fire in Slow-Motion and 8K, Filmed at 900fps [VIDEO]

Photo: Cosmic Perspective

SpaceX is “highly likely” to launch its first orbital flight with Starship in November, according to company head Elon Musk, and it recently performed a static fire test on a recent booster to help prepare for the upcoming launch.

A new video from Cosmic Perspective shows SpaceX testing Starship’s Super Heavy Booster 7 performing a static fire test in slow-motion, 8K resolution and the results are stunning.

The video is just over four minutes long, and it includes a combination of real-time, 4x and 37.5x speed footage, as was filmed using a 900fps Krontec Chronos high-speed camera, according to the video’s description.

The static fire test will also include a test of 33 engines on the Super Heavy Booster in the coming weeks, Musk said a few days ago.

If you watch closely, you can see each of the seven raptor engines firing in succession, though it’s difficult to see some of the latter ones as smoke and fire fill the underside of the booster.

The Starship will be used in part to help launch Starlink’s next-generation satellites, alongside the use of SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 booster.

After launching Starship orbitally, SpaceX plans to catch the spacecraft to complete the reusable rocket’s first official flight.

You can watch the full slow-motion video of the raptor engine static fire test below.

YouTube video