SpaceX Super Heavy Booster to Test 33 Engine Static Fire in ‘Few Weeks’, Says Musk

Super heavy booster 7 static fire

SpaceX today completed a 7-engine static fire test on its Super Heavy Booster 7 on Monday, at Starbase. The compared shared two photos of the static fire on Twitter.

As for when SpaceX will static fire all 33 Raptor engines on its Super Heavy Booster 7, CEO Elon Musk said it will happen “in a few weeks.”

Previously, the company tested a static fire of one Raptor engine on Super Heavy Booster 7. But testing 7 at one time is a new record.

“Booster 7 now returns to high bay for robustness upgrades & booster 8 moves to pad for testing,” said Musk on Monday. “Next big test is probably full stack wet dress rehearsal, then 33 engine firing in a few weeks.”

A full stack would see Starship on top of the Super Heavy Booster, while a wet dress rehearsal means a simulation of all stages of a rocket launch but without anything leaving the pad.

Check out a video of the 7-engine static fire below, captured by NASA Spaceflight; Musk replied “Chamber pressure looked good on all 7 engines”:

It’s unclear when SpaceX will be able to test the first orbital flight of its Starship rocket system, but it should happen soon, and hopefully before the end of the year or early next.