Tesla Confirms Giga Berlin Battery Plant Expansion on Track, Says Mayor

Tesla confirmed with Grünheide Mayor Arne Cristiani on Monday that it still plans to operate a battery plant currently under construction, out of Giga Berlin, reports Reuters.

Cristiani denied reports from German publication RBB 24 saying that he removed Tesla from an upcoming meeting’s agenda, instead clarifying that the plans were never on the local council’s agenda, to begin with.

“Tesla put everything reported in the American newspaper into perspective. The plant is still being built,” Cristiani said.

Additionally, Cristiani added that the expansion would reach the local council’s agenda upon being fully evaluated and discussed by relevant community officials.

Tesla officially applied for the expansion in May, as part of a larger plan to expand the factory by as much as 100 hectares. Part of Tesla’s expansion includes plans for a freight station, as detailed in a town hall event for Grünheide locals a few weeks ago.

Further reports from Tesla last week also confirmed that the automaker’s EV battery manufacturing plans remained unchanged, and that the company was, in fact, accelerating plans for the new facility.

Tesla’s Giga Berlin is targeting 3,000 Model Y units per week by October