Tesla Shares Inbound Railway Concept for Giga Berlin

Photo: @GF4Tesla

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg held a town hall event on Sunday where the automaker detailed new plans for an upcoming freight and logistics station.

Tesla shared new details on its railway logistics concept for Gigafactory Berlin at the town hall event over the weekend, detailing how its upcoming freight station will also be able to help with transporting finished vehicles (via @GF4Tesla).

In the informational session for locals held on Sunday, Tesla noted that vehicle supplies could be more easily delivered to Giga Berlin in a CO2-friendly manner. The note says the inbound tracks can help up to 12 trains deliver daily, with four unloading tracks and two unloading cranes for an overall 53 percent reduction in annual CO2 emissions.

Another screen at the session noted that the outbound rail can see three trains simultaneously loaded, with around 250 cars per train. With as many as six loading tracks, the plant expects to be able to load up to 10 trains per day.

A report from last month said that Tesla’s Giga Berlin was making as many as 1,500 Model Y units per week after reaching 5,000 employees earlier that month, ahead of plans to switch to a two-shift production system.

Tesla also produced its first Model Y with a 4680 battery at the Grünheide, Germany, plant in July.