Tesla Giga Berlin to Produce 3,000 Model Y Units a Week by October: Report

Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory is expected to produce as many as 3,000 Model Y units per week as soon as October, as reported to Tesla Mag by a person familiar with the matter.

The Brandenburg factory was producing 1,000 Model Y units per week at the end of June, and Tesla is next looking to reach a milestone of 1,500 units per week, with even more set to be produced as soon as early August.

In August, Tesla says it will fully outfit the two shifts with workers, representing a major personnel increase.

The automaker is also looking to increase new hires at the Grünheide, Germany plant, as employees begin working in dual-shifts once again following a pause due to production upgrades.

By October, the factory is expecting to have three shifts running at a total 80 percent capacity.

This week, the factory has only been producing black and white Model Y units, despite experimenting with vehicle configurations in recent tests.

Tesla’s Giga Berlin produced its first and second Model Y test units with 4680 battery cells earlier this month, along with other tests of the Model Y SUV.

Additionally, Tesla has been performing a production upgrade at Giga Berlin this month, set to increase production capacity alongside similar upgrades at Giga Shanghai.