Tesla China Sales Surged 74% Year-Over-Year to 77,000 in August, Says CPCA

According to a report from China’s The Securities Times, one China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) official estimates Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai-made vehicle sales hit 77,000 units in August (via Seeking Alpha).

“As Tesla’s capacity utilization continues to rise, production is strong after the end of July, although it encountered brief pressure on parts supply,” said Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the CPCA.

A sales volume of 77,000 units in August would represent a 74% increase year-over-year and 173% month-over-month from just 28,217 units in July. It would also be Tesla’s second-highest number for China-made vehicle sales ever. The CPCA will announce final figures later this month.

Gigafactory Shanghai also hit another milestone in August when it produced its one-millionth car.

Tesla has made several upgrades to Giga Shanghai in recent months to boost manufacturing. The Model Y production line at Giga Shanghai, in particular, is now capable of building around 30% more cars than it could before.

In its second-quarter earnings report in July, Tesla pegged Giga Shanghai for an annual production capacity of 750,000 cars (up from 450,000). However, all of Tesla’s upgrades for the plant are set to raise its output to 1.2 million units per year.