Tesla’s Shanghai Plant to Reach 1.2 Million Cars Per Year After Upgrades: Report

Photo: @JayinShanghai

As it works to upgrade its Shanghai factory to increase production, Tesla has officially completed the first part of its production line upgrades, ending one line’s halt on building cars, says local Chinese media.

Tesla has completed its upgrade of Model Y production lines at its Gigafactory Shanghai, as detailed in a report from CnEVPost.

The plant has shut down production for much of July, in order to upgrade lines that produce the Model 3 and Model Y.

According to local media in Shanghai, the automaker finished its Model Y line upgrade on July 16, while it began Phase 1 of the upgrade for the Model 3 on July 17.

Phase 1 and its Model 3 line is expected to have its upgrades finished by August 7, with most of the employees working on this line have been on leave since the upgrade began.

The automaker’s Phase 2 line, which produces the Model Y, have already returned to work, the report says.

Upon completion of the Phase 1 production line, the automaker is estimated to produce between 500 and 600 Model 3 units per shift.

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai operates in three shifts per day, and total daily production outputs are expected to reach 1,000-1,200 Model 3 units and 2,200 Model Y units following the upgrade.

Model Y production is set to reach 2,200 cars per day by August, while the upgraded line has already been making 2,000 per day, says the report. The Model 3 line is expected to hit 1,000 to 1,200 cars per day.

Prior to these upgrades, Tesla’s Shanghai plant was able to produce roughly 2,500 units per day. Annual production capacity will now expand to 1.1 to 1.2 million cars, claims the local report.

Tesla is also expanding hiring at Giga Shanghai, reports Auto Time.

The electric automaker’s Q2 earnings call this week said Giga Shanghai has current annual production capacity of over 750,000 units.

Last week, more than 7,000 Tesla vehicles ready for shipping from the Luchao port in China were spotted.