Over 7,000 Tesla Vehicles Set to Be Shipped from Luchao Port in China [VIDEO]

Shanghai luchao port china

According to the latest video from Wu Wa on YouTube, we have yet another glimpse of the Luchao port in China, where Tesla loads and exports its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles made at its Gigafactory in Shanghai.

“The dock at the south port of Luchao port was filled with more Teslas than previously expected. As last week’s Tesla started to assemble at the dock, I thought it would be shipped out soon, but this week I saw more Teslas and they are still coming to the dock. since July, the Shanghai factory has entered a production line renovation and optimization period and the factory is in semi-production,” explains Wu Wa.

According to Tesla enthusiast @SawyerMerritt, he counted over 7,000 Tesla cars at the port (we have yet to verify the number).

YouTube video

After COVID-19 lockdowns caused production at Giga Shanghai to cease, Tesla has ramped up production since. In June, CPCA data showed Tesla sold a record 78,000 cars, while the Tesla Model Y sales surged 189% year-over-year for luxury sales in the first half of 2022 in China.