Tesla to Launch Pre-Fabricated V4 Superchargers in 2023: Report

According to filings discovered by Canadian Supercharger aficionado Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), Tesla’s first Supercharging location with its new V4 Superchargers is set to open sometime next year.

Tesla will reportedly install pre-fabricated V4 Supercharging stations at the location in question. Pre-assembled Superchargers come with the stalls already set up on concrete slabs, requiring only a power connection to start charging.

The filing was part of an application packet for the planned Supercharger installation. Going by the application, the location will be home to a total of four V4 Superchargers.

Tesla’s V4 Superchargers will deliver higher peak power output — for reference, V3 Superchargers offer a peak of 250 kW and Tesla plans to boost that to 300 kW. They will also make deployment easier and quicker for Tesla.

Previously, site plans discovered back in July gave us a peek at the design for Tesla’s V4 Superchargers. The electric vehicle (EV) giant last week also started using its new dual-post V4 Supercharger base at many U.S. locations.

Marco did not say where this V4 Supercharger station is going to be located. Tesla continues to push Supercharger deployment across the globe as the company works on opening its Supercharging network up to non-Tesla EVs in the U.S. and beyond.