Tesla V4 Supercharger Design Spotted in Site Plans

Photo: @JH_Bedford

After Tesla’s upcoming V4 Supercharger dimensions were revealed earlier this month, the automaker has dropped another potential hint to suggest it may start deploying its next-generation charger design.

A Tesla Supercharger site set to be established in Danvers, Massachusetts shows “Alternative Supercharger Posts” alongside its V3 Superchargers, which could mean that V4 Supercharger designs or another new piece of Tesla hardware is on its way (via @JH_bedford).

In a photo shared on Twitter on Wednesday, we can see Tesla’s blueprints for the automaker’s slightly thinner V4 design, as shown alongside the company’s current V3 chargers.

On the blueprint, the potential V4 Supercharger is labeled “Alternative Supercharger Post Cast-in-place Foundation.”

Some users in the thread also noted that the Alternative Supercharger Post could be a Tesla Semi charger, rather than a V4 Supercharger. But Supercharger sleuth @MarcoRPTesla says it’s a Supercharger design.

A report from the White House also suggests that Tesla’s Superchargers will open to non-Tesla EVs by the end of this year.

One Tesla Semi was seen delivering pre-fabricated Superchargers to the raceway at Laguna Seca at the end of last month, adding a total of eight new charging stalls.

Tesla’s newest Superchargers also arrived as recently as the past few weeks, with the Massachusetts station set to gain the chargers in the coming weeks.