Tesla V4 Supercharger Dimensions Revealed, Showing Taller, Slimmer Profile

Canadian Supercharger sleuth and former Supercharge Info contributor MarcoRP (@MarcoRPTesla) recently found dimensions for Tesla’s upcoming V4 Superchargers. He shared an illustration comparing the V4’s alleged measurements to the footprint of Tesla’s V2 and V3 Superchargers.

From the illustration, we can see that Tesla’s next-generation Superchargers will be taller and slimmer than current versions. V4 Superchargers will also be thicker overall than V2/V3.

According to a previous report, Tesla plans on debuting V4 Supercharging hardware sometime in Q3 this year. We’ve only gotten dimensions so far, and the actual design of Tesla’s V4 Superchargers remains unknown.

Tesla last year announced existing V3 Superchargers would be upgraded to deliver charging speeds of up to 300 kW, up from 250 kW originally.

A January report indicated North American Superchargers would be further boosted up to 324 kW (or possibly even 370 kW), so it will be interesting to see what kind of power output the next generation packs.

Tesla is also gradually opening its Supercharging network up to other electric vehicle brands, an initiative the company started rolling out last year.

Interior of the New Tesla Electric ...
Interior of the New Tesla Electric Semi-Truck

The previous week was pretty big for Tesla on the Superchargers front. The company closed out the quarter with a whopping 42 new Supercharger locations across the globe.