Tesla Begins Using V4 Dual Supercharger Base at U.S. Stations

Photo: @MarcoRPTesla

Over the past few years, Tesla’s rollout of the V3 Supercharger has been at swifty pace, but it’s already looking to install hardware to allow for its next generation of charging tech.

Tesla has started using a dual-post V4 Supercharger base at many of its stations in the U.S., expected to allow the automaker to switch to new hardware down the road (via @MarcoRPTesla).

The new V4 Supercharger stalls include a large, rectangular base with dual attachments for chargers. This should allow Tesla to make the switch to V4 chargers above ground when it begins deploying the next-gen chargers.

Tesla’s V4 Supercharger dimensions were also discovered by @MarcoRPTesla last month, showing it’s expected to have a taller, slimmer profile. It’s still not yet clear, however, what the specific shape of the new Supercharger housing will be.

The news comes just weeks after Tesla launched a $0.99-cent-per-month Supercharger membership for non-Tesla vehicles earlier this month.

In July, reports came out saying that Tesla was seeking public funding to help open its Superchargers to non-Tesla vehicles. During its earnings call in the same month, Tesla said it had 4,000 Superchargers deployed.

A JD Power study surveyed customers on public charging satisfaction and Tesla’s Superchargers ranked highest.