10,000 Teslas Spotted at Shanghai Port Ready for Export [VIDEO]

Photo: Wu Wa

After reports showed that Tesla’s Q3 exports from China are expected to be massive, the automaker has officially broken a new record for the most vehicles loading on a ship to be exported.

A record 10,000 Tesla vehicles were spotted in a video from Wu Wa taken at China’s Luchao Port Shanghai Nangang Terminal over the weekend, set for loading onto ships and export, according to @SawyerMerritt’s count.

The video, taken on Friday, shows the Shanghai Luchao port, a few ships and multiple lots completely filled with Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs).

The figure beats out a previous record of 8,800 Tesla units at the port, and @Merritt noted that the 10,000 only represents a few days of Model 3 and Y production at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory.

In July, around 7,000 vehicles were seen at the Luchao port, displaying a gradual increase as Tesla heads into the year’s third quarter.

CEO Elon Musk’s Weibo account also reiterated Tesla’s plans for export and local deliveries, explaining the automaker’s pattern of delivering cars for export in the first half of the quarter, before hitting the local market in China.

Tesla’s suppliers in Sichuan were affected by a heatwave last week, which could cause some parts shortages in the coming weeks.