Tesla Exports from China Fill Up Shanghai Port with Nearly 9,000 Cars [VIDEO]

tesla export shanghai port

Drone pilot Wu Wa has shared another video of Tesla’s exports from China at Shanghai’s Nangang Terminal.

The video shows a sea of Tesla vehicles adorning the site, with an unconfirmed number of over 8,800 according to Tesla enthusiast @SawyerMerritt’s count. This apparently marks a new record of cars seen at the terminal for export, says Merritt, with the previous number at around 7,000.

Tesla vehicles spotted include Model 3 and Model Y cars it appears, with a mix of right-hand and left-hand drive configurations, as these cars look to be destined for Europe and Australia.

YouTube video

At the end of Q2, Tesla said its Gigafactory in Shanghai had increased its annual output to 750,000 cars, up from 450,000. It appears the factory is churning cars at a high rate of speed, recovering from recent COVID-19 lockdowns. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past the team in China is just “amazing”.