First Tesla Virtual Power Plant Set for Some California Customers

Photo: @ZubinAnary

With over 1,500 California Tesla Powerwall users already enrolled in the company’s Virtual Power Plant program as of May, the joint program with PG&E is beginning to roll out some of its first power-sharing events.

Some Tesla Virtual Power Plant customers in California are beginning to receive notifications for their first power plant events, as shown in a screenshot shared on Wednesday (via @ZubinAnary).

The photo shows a push notification on customer @ZubinAnary‘s phone from the Tesla app which says “A Virtual Power Plant event is scheduled tomorrow from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.”

In addition, the post includes screenshots of the user’s Event Info and general Virtual Power Plant pages.

Photo: @ZubinAnary

One of the screenshots says there are 2,345 fleet homes, likely alluding to the number of active Powerwall users enrolled in the program to date.

The pilot program lets users gain utility credits for helping to support the grid with backup power from their Tesla Powerwalls. The program is built to help stabilize the electrical grid and it was previously only available to Northern California residents with PG&E services.

Photo: @ZubinAnary

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant program expanded to Southern California earlier this week, and the program also has a pilot starting up Victoria, Australia.

the company has been lobbying the state government to let solar and Powerwall customers sell electricity back to the grid.

Tesla is also partnering with CenterPoint Energy to develop a Virtual Power Plant program in Texas.