Tesla Expands Virtual Power Plant to Victorian Residents in Australia

Tesla announced plans on Tuesday to expand the Tesla Energy Plan from South Australia to Victorian residents reports One Step Off the Grid.

The move will be powered by Victoria’s Big Battery, recently connected to the grid, a series of Tesla Megapacks connected to the region’s electrical grid.

The system will use “Time of Use” rates to help low-income households in the area attain affordable electricity while maximizing efficiency from the current energy source.


“The unique smarts of Tesla’s world leading technology will monitor and manage your Powerwall, assessing usage patterns to help ensure your home is powered by the most efficient source. Reducing your energy bill and benefiting your community at the same time,” explained the company.

“Our world leading technology optimises the use of your Powerwall based on your energy needs, market conditions and anticipated grid events to ensure it benefits your home first, while also supporting the community. In return, you receive competitively low energy rates and monthly Grid Support Credits,” says Tesla about its new expansion plans.

One Step Off The Grid entered in details on Tesla’s Australia website to note off-peak rates of 16.50c/kWh and 33c/kWh during peak hours (3pm-9pm daily). The tariff for feed-in solar sent to the grid is 7c/kWh. 

Compared to the Victorian Default Offer from Tesla partner Energy Locals, based on a 4000 kWh/year for a residential household, the new rates are about 24% cheaper, reports One Step Off The Grid.

Also included is $220 worth of “grid support” annually, per each Powerwall, applied in monthly credits to bills. Victorian residents participating in this expansion also get an extended warranty on their Powerwall to 15 years total.

Users can join Tesla’s Energy Plan as a user by buying a Powerwall or using a pre-installed Powerwall, which costs $12,750 including GST in AUD, with installation extra.

Homes need a solar system with less than 15kW and no zero export restrictions in place in order to be eligible for the expanded Tesla Energy Plan.