Tesla Expands Virtual Power Plant to Southern California

Photo: u/gchil0

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant program partnering with PG&E has already enrolled over 1,500 users in Northern California, and now the company is offering the program to those in Southern California, too.

Tesla has extended the Virtual Power Plant program to Southern California with utility provider Southern California Edison, as shown in a screenshot of the app from one Powerwall owner (via Reddit).

In the screenshot, it says “Tesla Virtual Power Plant With Southern California Edison,” showing that the user could earn around $81 for opting into the program.

The program lets users with a Tesla Powerwall provide backup energy to the grid for credits toward electricity for the power they provide. The program is expected to be useful for maintaining the power grid during emergencies and blackouts.

In the Reddit thread, one user noted that the Virtual Power Plant program is worth opting into “because it helps all of the less fortunate homes keep their electricity (fridges and AC) on longer.”

Tesla is also partnered with CenterPoint Energy to provide the Virtual Power Plant program in Texas, and is set to continue expanding the program in the coming years.

Additionally, Tesla was approved to sell electricity in Texas last year, officially establishing the company Tesla Energy Ventures.