2022.20.7 Tesla Update Improves Range Prediction, Using More Details



Software developer and Tesla sleuth @greentheonly says the rollout of the automaker’s 2022.20.7 update includes “insane details” for keeping better track of the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) range.

Tesla’s software update 2022.20.7 now uses tire pressure data, and energy loss due to things such as phone charging, 12V accessories, air density and battery temperature, to calculate your predicted range.

Green noted that the feature improves the EV’s range prediction, adding later in the thread, “I don’t have problems with range prediction at 90mph nowadays (144kmh).”

Although several users also discussed the strength of A Better Route Planner (ABRP), a navigation app that many found had better range estimates and directions, Green notes that he hasn’t used ABRP for over a year.

One shortfall of the existing Tesla mobile app is the lack of ability to set trip planning details inside the latter, leading many to rely on ABRP to predict range calculations between various destinations.

Tesla released software updates 2022.20.5 and 2022.20.6 earlier this month, offering a few new features such as multiplayer Bluetooth controller gameplay, seat belt enhancements, new tire configuration settings and more.

In the past, Green has managed to spot a handful of updates in Tesla’s software code, such as the removal of Apple Music references this month.

Green also spotted that a Tesla Model Y Range Plus variant was coming from Giga Texas, as discovered in March within the vehicle’s software code.

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