2022.20.6 Tesla Update Release Notes: What’s New



Tesla has started rolling out its software update 2022.20.6, as detected by @Teslascope. The update was seen on a 2022 Model Y Long Range in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

All vehicles from Tesla’s lineup received this update, with most coming from 2022.20.5 and the rest from 2022.16.3. Cars in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany are seeing this update as of writing.

As for 2022.20.6 release notes, you can check them out below (via @kenneth15)—no major features, aside from additions we’ve already seen in previous updates:

Seat Belt System Enhancement – This enhancement builds upon your vehicle’s superior crash protection-based upon regulatory and industry standard crash testing–by now using Tesla Vision to help offer some of the most cutting-edge seat belt pretensioner performance in the event of a frontal crash. Your seat belts will now begin to tighten and protect properly restrained occupants earlier in a wider array of frontal

Tire Configuration – reset the learned tire settings directly after a tire rotation, swap, or replacement to improve your driving experience. To reset, tap Controls > Service > Wheel & Tire Configuration > Tires.

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