Tesla Removes Apple Music References in Software Code

Back in December 2020, Tesla’s software code referenced Apple Music in its 2020.48.26 update, as discovered by developer @greentheonly.

At the time, @greentheonly force-enabled the Apple Music reference found in Tesla’s software to show a toggle for the streaming service, alongside Tidal. Eventually, Tesla added support for Tidal in November 2021.

What about that reference to Apple Music in Tesla’s software code? According to @greentheonly, it has since been removed, as clarified today to @Teslascope.

When reached for clarification, @greentheonly told Tesla North the electric automaker removed reference to Apple Music in the next software update, after he posted his screenshots in December 2020.

We asked @greentheonly if all references to Apple Music were gone in Tesla’s current software code and the user responded, “yup”.

Currently, Tesla supports Spotify, TuneIn, TIDAL and Slacker Radio (part of its in-house music app). Apple Music removed from Tesla’s software code means either it’s not going to be supported, or it’s being worked on possibly behind the scenes. It’s unlikely Tesla will support Apple CarPlay either (unless you want to use this hack).

In an interview last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted he streams Apple Music in his Tesla using Bluetooth from his iPhone. When asked if Tesla would support a native Apple Music app, Musk sidestepped the question, leaving the door open for possible integration in the future.