Tesla Apple CarPlay Hack Gets Update With Full Integration ‘For Any Tesla’

Polish developer Michał Gapiński (@mikegapinski)’s hacky workaround for bringing Apple CarPlay to a Tesla, dubbed the ‘Tesla Android Project,’ has announced a new update with improvements and support for more Tesla cars.

The update, version 2022.25.1, offers “100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla.”

According to Gapiński, version 2022.25.1 also comes with an abundance of new features and bug fixes as well.

These include performance improvements, DRM support to allow for apps like Netflix to work, a working orientation lock so apps like Apple Music automatically launch in landscape mode, a move up to Android 12.1 for better stability, and more.

Tesla owners have been requesting CarPlay support for years, albeit without success. Gapiński decided to take matters into his own hands and home-brewed a workaround to port CarPlay over to any Tesla.

Gapiński’s “hack” relies on running CarPlay on a custom build of Android, which he had originally installed on a Raspberry Pi connected to his Tesla. The developer showed off an alpha build of the software back in February. Tesla Android finally became available to download last month,

Earlier this month, Apple showed off a major CarPlay update with a refreshed design and deeper hardware integration. The next generation of CarPlay is expected to start showing up in cars by 2023, but the chances of the new iteration ending up in a Tesla remain slim.

Those interested in Gapiński’s workaround can get their hands on it from GitHub or the Tesla Android Project website.

Check out Tesla Android 2022.25.1 in action in the video below:

YouTube video