Tesla Automatically Closes Windows When Raining? ‘Sure’ Says Elon Musk



Tesla CEO Elon Musk has openly embraced many design changes that were originally suggested by fans. Now, the company may be looking to make its windows detect and block out rain as requested by one customer.

When asked by @brandonee916 if Tesla could add the ability to its cars to automatically close windows when rain is detected while parked, @Elon Musk replied “sure” on Monday.

It’s not yet clear when the automatically closing windows feature would be added, but Musk often holds to his word when committing to making improvements to its vehicles (it may take a while though).

The added feature would presumably leverage the car’s cameras to detect rain and close windows, similar to how the automatic wipers operate (well, they do sometimes have a mind of their own).

Currently, existing settings in Tesla vehicles will automatically close your windows when you lock the vehicle, as well as alert you when doors and windows are left open.

Musk also said he planned to discuss lossless audio and Tesla AirPlay with the team over the weekend, as another feature upgrade that was suggested by another user.

The Tesla Model X now comes with double-paned front and rear windows, similar to the company’s other vehicles like the Model Y and Model 3.

Tesla released its software update 2022.16.0.2 last week, adding things like driver profiles, navigation route energy predictions and “Blended Brakes” for the regenerative braking systems in the Model 3 and Y.

Earlier this month, Sandy Munro noted that the Tesla Model Y frunk area has seen 27 different revisions since being launched, once again showing Tesla’s dedication to consistently improving its feature offerings.

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