Tesla Now Includes the Tow Hitch for Model Y in Norway; Europe Gets Ordering Option Again

Photo: @Tesla_Adri

As Tesla’s electric vehicle (EV) presence grows, the automaker has changed what’s available from its online order configurator for buyers in Europe.

Tesla owners in Europe can now purchase the tow hitch on the automaker’s order configurator, where it used to be available only after delivery, points out @Tesla_Adri.

Previous buyers in Europe had to purchase the tow hitch after purchase, but now it can be purchased outright as consumers make their selection.

Tesla also at one point allowed the tow hitch option during the order process, but once Model Y deliveries started it was removed.

Currently, the tow hitch costs buyers in Europe 1,350 euros ($1,403 USD) from Tesla’s online shop.

Users in the thread also noted that the tow hitch comes as standard equipment on the Model Y for buyers in Norway. The Tesla Norway website does not allow you to remove the tow hitch on the Model Y.

Other changes Tesla has made according to @Tesla_Adri, include increasing interest rates for leasing in Germany to 3.36%, while consumption figures also have changed. The “savings” calculation has also been tweaked, while also increasing the estimated fuel cost and kWh cost to .31 euros/kWh.

The Tesla Model 3 was Europe’s top-selling EV in March, with the Model Y trailing behind as the region’s third-best-selling EV.

Not unlike orders in the U.S., Tesla Model 3 orders in Europe now show a delivery timeline instead of a specific delivery date.

Tesla drivers with leased cars in Europe now get charged for Premium Connectivity as of earlier this month.

Tesla has also removed radar capabilities from its vehicles in Europe and the Middle East — another move that took place in the U.S. last summer.