Elon Musk Working on Part 3 of Tesla’s ‘Master Plan’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased he was working on part three of Tesla’s “Master Plan” in a Wednesday evening tweet.

The two previous installments of Tesla’s master plan essentially laid down the company’s ambitions for the years that followed.

The original master plan came in August 2006, while part two followed ten years later in July 2016 when the goals of the original were “in the final stages of completion.” Both were penned by Musk, just as part three will be.

Each part of Tesla’s master plan so far has been accompanied by a summary of all of the goals it outlines.

The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me):

  • Build sports car
  • Use that money to build an affordable car
  • Use that money to build an even more affordable car
  • While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Master Plan, Part Deux:

  • Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage
  • Expand the electric vehicle product line to address all major segments
  • Develop a self-driving capability that is 10X safer than manual via massive fleet learning
  • Enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it

Of the four objectives outlined in part two of Musk’s master plan for Tesla, the company has successfully made its solar roof ambitions a reality, and it is close to addressing all major segments of the automotive market.

Tesla’s Cybertruck — its entrant for the pickup segment — is expected to enter production in 2023, and the first Semi units to address the long-haul truck market have already been delivered to enterprise customers.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is still in beta and far from complete, but it is undergoing active development and improving with every iteration. Tesla’s plan to “enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it” referred to self-driving robotaxis, but those haven’t happened yet.

It’ll be interesting to see what part three of Tesla’s master plan, which Musk has started working on just six years after he scribed part two, entails.

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