Tesla Model S Plaid with New Tail Lights Spotted on Delivery Truck [PICS]

JayTee427 over on the TMC Forums on Saturday spotted several delivery trucks transporting “refreshed” Model S Plaid units south along Route 101 in California, away from Tesla’s Fremont factory where the high-performance electric sedan is manufactured.

“The appliqué delete looks to be body color now,” observed JayTee427. The discovery not only proves that Tesla’s Fremont factory is back online, but also gives us yet another look at the Model S Plaid’s new taillights and revised charging port.

Earlier this month, Tesla teased the Model S Plaid refresh and its new taillights on its website. Last week, Tesla added new videos and animations to its Model S product page.

It’s safe to assume that the units JayTee427 happened upon are on their way to customers.

Tesla has not disclosed a set timeline for deliveries of the new, slightly refreshed Model S Plaid. Given that they are already one their way, however, we can expect to hear about customers taking deliveries pretty soon.

A (since corroborated) report from earlier this week indicated that Tesla will be bringing back launch-day ‘Plaid’ badging on new Tesla Model S/X Plaid builds. The badge, which depicts the ‘Plaid’ launch graphics, was originally only available on the first batch of 25 Model S Plaid deliveries.

Earlier today, Tesla’s Model S Plaid with new matrix LED headlights and refreshed taillights was spotted outside the company’s Fremont factory in California.