Tesla Model S with New Rear Taillights Spotted at Night [PIC]

Model s refresh taillights night

Tesla recently paused its U.S. factory lines to accommodate for new headlight and taillight upgrades for its Model S sedan. 

Headlights will now get new matrix LEDs, as previously spotted at a Tesla event in Taiwan. The taillights will sport a revised ‘flatter’ red LED pattern, that no longer goes around the perimeter of the rear light housing.

Now, we’re seeing a picture of Tesla’s Model S refresh with these new taillights, spotted by Eric (via @SawyerMerritt) in California’s Bay Area. We can see the distinguished change in the red LED light pattern, compared to the old design, below, which also saw a chrome bar extend into the taillight area:

Model s taillight old

Also spotted recently was the Model S refresh with these new taillights at night, but not illuminated, as shared on the TMC forums by user mikemi (via @realEndlssPlaid), who saw the image posted on Facebook. We can see how the rear middle bar does not extend into the taillights, like the previous design. Also visible is the new charge port as well:

Model s refresh plaid taillight

We’ve already seen the new taillight design during the day not illuminated, but it’s nice to see how they look at night when off as well.

Tesla has already teased its Model S with new rear taillights on its website, but it’s only a matter of time before its order page reflects the new design.

Earlier today, reports stated Tesla will soon be including its original Plaid badge for new Model S and Model X Plaid orders, instead of just showing the word “Plaid”.