Tesla Model S Plaid Teardown: Here’s What’s Under the Hood [VIDEO]

Image: @live_munro on Twitter

The “Teardown Titan” Sandy Munro is finally getting started on the Tesla Model S Plaid teardown he teased last month.

@live_munro on Thursday shared a closer look under the hood of the Model S Plaid on Twitter, after removing the front trunk or “frunk” of the vehicle in what is presumably the beginning of Munro’s teardown of the world’s quickest 0-60 mph production car.

Munro took delivery of his Model S Plaid in early December. The car expert and automotive industry veteran shared his first impressions of the all-electric luxury sedan before taking it out on a road trip.

Munro has reviewed quite a few electric vehicles (EVs) in recent months and even interviewed Tesla CEO Elon Musk early last year. Back in November, Munro warned that Chinese EV makers are making big plays for the U.S. auto market, but emphasized that Tesla is still in the lead for now.

Now that Munro has gotten cracking, we should see a full teardown from the auto industry giant sometime soon. While we’ve seen various parts of the Model S Plaid, including the rear-drive unit, subframe, and battery, torn down in the past, we are yet to see a full teardown as comprehensive as Munro’s is expected to be.