Tesla Model S Plaid Rear Drive Unit and Battery Teardown [VIDEOS]



Photo: Ingineerix

The Tesla Model S Plaid has remained in headlines since its release in June, and while some users have torn apart the Plaid’s 12-volt lithium-ion battery in the vehicle, a new channel has taken to looking at the vehicle’s larger battery unit and rear drive units in a pair of videos shared this week.

A new pair of videos shared by Ingineerix on Wednesday take a few detailed, torn-down looks at the Tesla Model S Plaid’s rear drive unit and subframe, as well as at the vehicle’s battery. In the videos, the host walks through each Model S Plaid unit, and talks through the various aspects of both the drive unit and the battery.

As explained in the battery video and in its description, the Tesla Model S Plaid uses a total of 7,920 battery cells of the 18650 configuration, laid out across 5 modules with each including a 72P22S arrangement.

In a similar look, though not quite as in-depth, Rich Benoit looked at the underside of the Tesla Model S Plaid, though he didn’t get inside the battery or rear subframe in any kind of invasive way.

View the Tesla Model S Plaid subframe and rear drive unit below:

View the Tesla Model S Plaid battery breakdown below:


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