First Look: Underneath the Tesla Model S Plaid [VIDEO]



Photo: Rich Rebuilds

Tesla’s vehicles are typically tougher to have maintained than the average internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle unless you know the right person for the job – and have access to supportive right-to-repair laws, which are tough to find.

Rich Rebuilds shared a video on Sunday depicting Rich’s first look under the Tesla Model S Plaid. In the video, Rich talks through the overall construction of the Model S Plaid, including its underbelly and the pros and cons of the build style following the Model 3 and original Model S.

Rich, who is known for rebuilding Teslas from the ground up, building a homemade Tesla Cyberquad, and for pioneering right-to-repair laws by helping to force Massachusetts to pass a bill mandating Tesla to share diagnostic tools with the public, is seen in the video talking through various parts of the Tesla Model S Plaid’s construction.

In addition, Rich has helped reduce service costs for some Tesla owners by fixing parts in his third-party service shop – despite the fact that Tesla will say these fixes void the vehicle’s service agreements.

Along with looking at the vehicle’s engine, underbelly, and overall construction, Rich and a friend take the vehicle for a drive and look at the interior, removal of the driving stalk, and its impressive force touch shifting buttons.


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