Homemade Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV Created by Rich Rebuilds [VIDEO]

We’ve seen many examples of the amazing lengths to which Tesla fans will go to make their mark in Tesla fandom history. Few, however, will actually rebuild designs that Tesla themselves have alluded to.

In a video premiered on Sunday, Rich Rebuilds shared his homemade Tesla Cyberquad, built to mimic a Tesla ATV that Elon Musk casually mentioned and demonstrated on stage during the 2019 debut of the Cybertruck.

In the video, Rich breaks down the step-by-step process of removing the ATV’s engine and replacing it with electric hardware, then designing around the original frame to make it look like the one at the Cybertruck’s debut.

YouTube video

Ultimately, Rich goes on to ride and test the homemade electric four-wheeler, and he seems pretty impressed with his build.

Of the quad’s performance Rich said, “It’s like having a quad that’s always in the right gear.” He continued, “And it carries that momentum until over 70 mph.” The Cyberquad was able to do 0-60 mph in about 3.9 seconds, while weighing in at 500 pounds.

The Cyberquad also had enough torque to pull Rich Rebuild’s 5,000 pound military Humvee up a slight grade as well from a dead stop.

With almost 5 million preorders, the Cybertruck is no joke, but fans are unlikely to see a true Tesla Cyberquad anytime soon. Luckily viewers can follow Rich’s video as instructions and make some of their own, if they’re really that committed.

While it’s no boat concept, it’s hard not to admit that the Cyberquad is pretty sweet, and fans would probably love to see Tesla sell these to consumers in the future.