Sandy Munro Tesla Model S Plaid Roadtrip Day 3: Huge Turnout in Maryland [VIDEO]

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Sandy Munro’s Tesla Model S Plaid road trip continues, and the most recent video shares a recap of the visit to the meet and greet in Maryland.

Munro said there was a “phenomenal turnout” and said there was a huge crowd, calling it a “monumental operation”, with the team saying this was the biggest turnout for a meet and greet to date, even larger than California.

Upon arriving at the meet and greet with the Tesla Owners of Maryland, the Munro Live team was pranked as a police officer in a Chevy Bolt pulled up behind them and said they were caught going 95 miles an hour.

YouTube video

Day 3 of the east coast road trip saw Sandy, Cory and Eric drive 516 miles from Greenville, South Carolina to Laurel, Maryland. The team also shipped a bunch of gifts home and dirty laundry while still in the U.S., prior to the next leg heading up to Canada.