Tesla Model S Plaid First Impressions by Sandy Munro: Like ‘Flying in Fighter Jet’ [VIDEO]

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Sandy Munro has shared his first impressions of Tesla’s Model S Plaid, with special guest, John McElroy, a veteran automotive journalist from TV program Autoline.

Overall, Munro and McElroy didn’t find any major issues with the Model S Plaid after taken from delivery. They did find some gaps that didn’t match along the front hood, while one taillight looks somewhat different than the rest of the car.

According to Munro, he says the minor defects on the Model S Plaid–he could find those on a Bentley.

Munro said, “we didn’t find too many things we didn’t like,” while also adding he “loves the colour” and also loves the seats of the Plaid, saying “this is a spectacular car.”

On a test drive, Munro said “this seems to be more of my style, I like it,” comparing the Model S Plaid to the Model 3 when reversing out of the garage.

Munro said there’s heavy acceleration with barely touching the accelerator, and also noted he was quick to get used to turn signals on the steering wheel.

On an acceleration test, they said it’s “very, very quick”. Munro said, “I could feel my cheeks getting rosy” on his acceleration test.

When McElroy finally took his turn to drive the Model S Plaid, and floored it from a rolling speed, both men reacted with a “wow!” and also profanities. McElroy said the Model S Plaid has a more “instant punch” compared to the Lucid Air Dream Edition he test drove. “I want it,” said McElroy.

Munro compares the Model S Plaid acceleration as the closest thing to riding in a fighter jet, noting the feeling of his stomach “coming up to my nose”. And this is on all-terrain tires and not using Plaid mode.

Check out the full 22-minute video below: