Tesla Model 3/Y May Get Heated Windshield Wiper Area This Year: Rumor

Photo: @TeslaOwnersofMA

Following reports last month of Tesla’s Model 3 and Y units getting heated windshield wipers, another source has also attested to the coming technology.

@Tesla Owners of Massachusetts shared a photo from a Tesla Model Y displaying heated windshield wipers in a vehicle’s UI, which will reportedly hit Model Y and 3 units in 2022, according to the post.

The validity of the claim isn’t yet clear, though the Tesla owners of Massachusetts account says the photo was shared by an internal Tesla team member.

“[The] photo I received is from [an] internal person at Tesla. We cropped the UI out as there’s info we are not allowed to share. It was from a Model Y,” said the account.

Others pointed out that if the image is real, Tesla has also changed how its UI layout displays for the climate control screen, since seat heater controls are currently at the bottom of the Model 3/Y’s infotainment screen.

A recent report showed that Tesla’s heat pump in Camp Mode can hold temperatures at 25 degrees Celsius, amidst outdoor temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius with windchill.

Tesla announced plans in November to offer both a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats in the entry-level Model 3.

Just before the end of the year, Tesla began rolling out its 2021.44.30 software update, including Track Mode for Model S Plaid owners, as well as a variety of other new improvements and features.

For those in winter climates, Tesla recommends setting your windshield wipers to ‘Service Mode’ and disabling auto-folding mirrors. Service Mode puts your wipers into the middle area of your windshield, allowing the latter to benefit from interior pre-heating. Disabling auto-folding mirrors will prevent them from being stuck in the folded position if it gets too cold. If your door handles are frozen from ice, Tesla says to knock on them gently with a closed fist. Others have reached for a zip-lock bag with hot water to melt ice near door handles.