Tesla Launches ‘Sentry Mode Live Camera Access’ for Android Smartphones



Photo: u/Pizza2kbitchslut

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Live Camera Streaming has been available on iOS for nearly a month now, and a new update shows the company is now officially giving access to the feature to more than just iPhone users.

On Monday, a new Android update to the Tesla app announced the addition of Sentry Mode Live Camera Access to the app, just under a month after the feature was unveiled for the iOS app (via Reddit).

According to the Android app update, users need to have at least the Tesla software version 2021.40.5 to use the feature and will need to be located in the U.S.

In addition, some users in the thread pointed out that their apps are updated enough for the feature, but that they live in other countries like Canada, Australia and others, but that the feature is still not showing up.

The Sentry Mode Live Camera Access feature allows 90 minutes of mobile footage streaming per day, at least from a mobile connection – though it’s not yet clear if the feature has the same parameters when accessed from a WiFi connection.

Also new in this Tesla Android app update is the ability for the widget to have customized quick controls, similar to its iPhone counterpart.

However, earlier this week, one Romanian Tesla owner created their own Live Sentry Mode hack showing mobile access to a third-party dashcam.


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