Paragould Police Department Adding Tesla Model 3 Cars to Traffic Fleet

Photo: KAIT

A police department in Paragould, Arkansas is adding zero-emission and hybrid vehicles to its fleet in order to cut costs compared to traditional gas cars.

Paragould Police Department is adding two Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles (EVs) to its fleet, set to be a part of the department’s traffic unit division as soon as 2022, according to KAIT. Paragould Police Department Captain Brad Snyder sees the move as a chance to save thousands of dollars per year in comparison with its gas-powered vehicles.

On potential savings, Captain Snyder said, “We are expected to see about a $4,000 a year savings in Tesla versus the normal traditional gas units.”

Upon purchasing the Tesla vehicles, the Paragould Police Department will use them as part of a pilot program in the traffic unit division. If the Model 3s do not work as traffic unit vehicles, they will simply be moved to a different division following the pilot program.

A number of police departments across the country have already reported savings on their Tesla vehicle trials, including those in Westport, Connecticut, Bargersville, Indiana and others still.

Boulder County, Colorado Police also began testing a Tesla Model Y unit over the summer, expected to replace a Hybrid Ford PI – and also expected to result in savings for the department.