Sandy Munro Slams NHTSA for Unfair Tesla Probe [VIDEO]

Image: Munro Live on YouTube

In a YouTube video published earlier this week, automotive expert and outspoken Tesla proponent Sandy Munro slammed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for its recent probe into Tesla over a series of Autopilot crashes with parked first responders.

Munro also spoke his mind about recently appointed senior NHTSA safety advisor Missy Cummings’ documented bias against Tesla and its advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

YouTube video

“Let’s look at the data that can be pulled from the NHTSA website. Let’s start with vehicle deaths. From 2016—present, 195,400 people have died in the U.S.,” revealed Munro.

“Tesla deaths, same years, 2016—present, but globally? 209.”

That’s not the fairest or most scientific of comparisons, considering the disproportionate ratio of Tesla vehicles on the road to all other cars, but it does drive home a valid point.

Tesla’s cars have passed NHTSA tests with flying colors to receive impressive safety ratings, and its ADAS are constantly and consistently improving. Tesla’s recently released vehicle safety report for Q2 2021 recorded a marked decrease in Autopilot accidents.

Munro pointed out that the NHTSA is choosing to go after Tesla at a time when it has a “long backlog of safety regulations not implemented” throughout the industry, all of which are going unchecked.

The auto expert described Washington’s recent actions as a “No U.S. OEM left behind” strategy that’s deliberately designed to hold Tesla, an industry innovator, back. And while that’s happening, China has not only cornered EV battery cell manufacturing but is also making leaps in ADAS development and electric car production.

The Biden administration last month snubbed Tesla in a move to increase electric vehicle (EV) tax credits for Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler, and also failed to invite Tesla to an event in which Biden signed an executive order to electrify 50% of new cars by 2030.

Tell us how you really feel, Sandy!