Tesla Model Y NHTSA Crash Tests See Perfect Scores [VIDEO]



Another major benefit of Tesla’s cars, beyond their lack of carbon emissions, is the sheer level of safety they offer. From one test to the next, Tesla continues to make improvements to the safety of its cars, and in a recent test, it showed the same marked improvement one might expect.

In a recent set of crash tests run by the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHTSA), the Tesla Model Y earned a perfect score, as reported by new videos shared on YouTube (via InsideEVs).

The score was broken down into three separate categories – side crash, front crash, and rollover protection – all in which the Model Y scored a maximum score of five stars.

While we’ve heard a number of reports of Model 3s crashing with the drivers surviving, we fortunately have yet to report a major Model Y crash. Still, in each of the past accidents in Tesla Model 3s, the drivers have seen a positive outcome despite the sometimes-horrific scene of the crash. Clearly, the same is true across Tesla’s models, given the Model Y’s stellar performance in the NHTSA’s recent test.

You can watch the NHTSA’s full crash tests of the Tesla Model Y below:

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