Tesla Model Y Seats to Mount Directly onto 4680 Battery Pack

Photo: @Adam Berg

Tesla held its Gigafactory Berlin County Fair event over the weekend, and one attendee is pointing out new configurations of the Tesla Model Y’s floor in relation to its battery pack.

@Adam Berg spoke with high-voltage and process engineers at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin County Fair event and confirmed that the new 4680 battery cell structural battery pack will essentially become the floor on the Model Y, as depicted in some pictures Berg also shared.

In a follow-up to the post, Berg also explained how the current battery cell structural pack is placed under the floor, though the new Model Y 4680 cell structural battery pack “IS the floor,” according to various engineers on-site that Berg spoke with.

Photo: Adam Berg

As continued coverage of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin County Fair event rolls in, fans are also expressing their excitement for Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s announcement of a special crimson Tesla color from the Berlin factory, along with other exciting updates.

The tour of the Grünheide, Germany facility also showed off Tesla’s new, fully-programmable adaptive headlights, spelling out the word Tesla.

The factory is prepared to churn out vehicles in November or December, as soon as it receives final approval from the German government.