40 Tesla Megapacks to Power Battery Project in Queensland, Australia

Tesla is adding to a number of its ongoing Australian energy storage projects, with a new partnership taking place in Queensland, Australia.

Australian power company Genex Power signed a supply agreement last week with Tesla to use its Megapacks to power a 50 MW and 100 MWh battery project in Queensland, Australia, according to Energy Storage News. The project will include a total of 40 Tesla Megapacks and will be overseen by Genex, while the Megapacks will help the company connect to the area’s power grid.

While Genex and Tesla have already been working together on developing access to grid connections, the partners recently finalized their plans and are only awaiting approval from the network operator.

The news comes following in the footsteps of other Tesla Megapack sites, including the energy storage site in Hornsdale, South Australia, as well as the site dubbed the Victorian Big Battery in Victoria, Australia.

The Hornsdale site is run by French power company Neoen, which Australia began a lawsuit with last month over the battery not supplying power to the grid for four months in 2019, despite Neoen having been paid to do so.

One Tesla Megapack caught fire during trials at the Victoria Big Battery at the end of July, ahead of the company’s plans to begin operating in December 2021.