Australia Sues Neoen For Failing to Provide Power from its Tesla ‘Big Battery’

French company Neoen has worked with Tesla on two large battery sites in Australia, though the company allegedly didn’t supply any power to the grid during a four-month period, according to a new lawsuit.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is suing Neoen for not providing backup power to the South Australian grid with its Hornsdale “Big Battery” during four months of 2019, according to Reuters. Neoen has reportedly already been paid for the time, despite not having supplied any power from the giant set of Tesla Megapack batteries.

In response, Neoen said it was disappointed with AER’s decision, though it did not comment on the regulator’s allegations or whether they had failed to provide power to the grid during this period of time.

South Australia and Neoen doubled the power capacity of the Hornsdale Big Battery late last year, upgrading the site to provide up to 150 MW and 194 MWh for the grid, from the previous capacity of 100 MW and 129 MWh for the grid.

Tesla and Neoen also partnered on a Victorian Big Battery after the founding of the Hornsdale site. Neoen’s Victoria Big Battery had a Tesla Megapack catch fire during trials in July, though it’s expected to become operational during the Australian summer of December 2020.