Tesla Model S Refresh With Regular Steering Wheel Spotted

Image: User “todd2fst4u” on Reddit

In a recent Reddit post, user “todd2fst4u” shared images of a Model S refresh they spotted at a Supercharger, which had the regular, plain circular steering wheel instead of Tesla’s new yoke steering system.

Image: User “todd2fst4u” on Reddit

The refreshed Model S in question was a non-commercial vehicle with manufacturer license plates, which most likely means that the unit was a prototype or being used for testing purposes.

That makes sense, since all production units of the refreshed Model S spotted so far have had yoke steering wheels.

Tesla published a video guide for yoke controls back in June, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier in the year that there was “no” chance of a normal steering wheel option for the Model S refresh.

Tesla’s yoke steering wheel debuted on the Model S Plaid to what can best be described as “incredibly fun” by some reviewers. Other previous reviews have cited the capacitive buttons too easy to accidentally press.

Some on Reddit speculated the Model S refresh with regular steering wheel may be in testing for the European market, but it’s unclear if that’s the case. The images could be that of an old prototype, too.

It’s also unclear where this picture was taken (the original poster didn’t elaborate) and if Tesla will ever offer a regular steering wheel for its Model S and Model X refresh (which has still yet to ship).

Take this one with a grain of salt, but it sure did get Model S refresh fans excited.