Tesla Model S Plaid Review: Yoke Steering Wheel is ‘Incredibly Fun’ [VIDEO]

Photo: Ryan Shaw

The Tesla Model S Plaid has been making several headlines since its introduction to customers in June, and in a new review, one buyer takes a close look at the vehicle’s capabilities after purchasing one for himself.

Ryan Shaw shared a new review of the Tesla Model S Plaid on Sunday, featuring an in-depth look at the delivery process, exterior, interior and driving in the Plaid, among other topics.

In the video, Shaw also talks through the driving experience breaking down his feelings on the steering yoke and new shifting mechanisms.

Along with a number of positive elements of his experience, Shaw goes through a few quality control issues he had with the car trim, which he took to a Tesla Service Center to have fixed. Following the fix, however, Shaw faced a new issue with the trim adhesive not staying on, which he ended up having to also take in to have fixed.

Still, Shaw says that everything else about the car makes up for the few quality control issues he experienced, right down to the driving itself. The new yoke steering wheel is “incredibly fun” and needs to be tried to be believed. This conclusion comes after Shaw had previously dismissed the new steering wheel.

Discussing the experience within the cabin while driving, Shaw also made a prediction that Tesla will eventually add active noise cancellation, to even further decrease the outside noise in the already quiet cabin.

Check out the detailed Model S Plaid review below:

YouTube video