Tesla Model Y Units Arrive in Europe, Hinting at Deliveries Soon

The Tesla Model Y has finally made landfall in Europe — reports Teslarati. Tesla’s all-electric CUV has been available in the U.S. since March 2020, and in China since January of this year, but European deliveries kept facing delays due to backlogs in other regions.

The Model Y was originally expected to arrive in Europe during early Q3, leading to reports of a July launch. European Tesla customers waiting on their orders later had their deliveries slated for September. However, it looks like some Model Y deliveries may go out even sooner.

Sharing a promotional video for the Model Y originally posted by Tesla on LinkedIn, Tesla’s Senior Key Account Manager for Munich, Daniel Riek, wrote: “Model Y has arrived in Europe!”

Riek’s post indicates that the Model Y has already started arriving in Europe. Adding credence to that, notable ship tracker @mortenlund89 has said that the Helios Ray cargo ship carrying Model 3 and Model Y units is headed toward (and may have already arrived in) Europe.

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A number of Model Y reservation holders in the region have reported Tesla Sales Advisors telling them that units could start arriving as early as mid-August, with deliveries starting soon after.

Furthermore, a customer awaiting delivery in the Swiss municipality of Bassersdorf has received the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for their Model Y, and a delivery date of August 26. It shouldn’t be long before European customers start receiving delivery dates en masse.